Hey Rach, wanna try a Doug Whalen Shift Knob?"
Uh, well, uhm, I heard about all these people who have problems getting their shift knobs off--... huh? That's it? You took it off?

Shawn writes:
To get the shift knob off without giving yourself a black eye you put the drivers seat back as far as you can go. Put the clutch in (handbrake on obviously) and reach over with your left hand and grasp the shift knob upside down so your thumb is closer to the bottom of the shifter. Now with your right hand do the same thing again with your hand upside down. Again here you want to just give it one quick pull and it will come right off. You want to sort of sit in the seat and twist your body a little toward the shifter. Just pull up hard with a quick jerk. Just like the door rocker panel you want to commit to it. DO NOT TWIST THE SHIFT KNOB. When it pops free your hands should naturally move to the left of your face without wacking yourself. Kudos to Ron Stygar for this removal method.
To put the knob back on you basically just place it on the shift lever itself and gently rotate it till you feel the tab in the knob lock into the groove in the shift rod. Then just give it a light pound with your hand and it should pop into place.

Using a Doug Whalen Shift Knob is so easy. Pull the collar back and pop it on. Pull the collar back and pull it off. No sweat.
The feeling of the crafted metal ball is very pleasant, the stick is shortened for an easier shorter throw.
These pics taken in JonT's car, sorry about the lighting, he doesn't really have fluorescent wood grain.
Jon and I got to try the feel of the shorter, heavier, rounder shift knob.
Brent sent this pic of a prototype Doug Whalen Engraved Shift Knob from the MidwestZ3.com recent drive.
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